Creativity is in the DNA of the team

We truly believe in the importance of design as added value of your investment project, whether it is a refurbishment or a new development.

Have a project in mind? Let’s build it together.


We create spaces that raise emotions by linking the past and the future, connecting original architectural heritages discovered on sight and the new designs we engineer.  Our traditional techniques and cutting edge materials create new classic and contemporary spaces.  The balance between the opposites is the essence of all our work.

Interior Design

When designing a space, we always seek for the balance between practicality and aesthetics filled with warm striking materials; could be an antique or a brand new material, what it is most important is the sensations we transmit with them.


Our spaces consist of timeless scenarios full of serenity and elegance, made up by unique pieces that delight us.  Those are the patterns in our Deco style, and the home staging service by Valgreen.

Project Management

Optimizing the times, the costs and the quality of the final project could be a bit difficult. We manage the process from the beginning to the end, sustaining an agreement in between the parties involved, and representing the ownership throughout the administrative and closing process. Our Project managers are involved in all aspects of the plan to solve and control any situation, with the priority objective of maintaining the tranquility of clients.

Construction Management

Controlling the execution of the project is part of Valgreen’s technical abilities. Resolute experienced professionals, willing to negotiate and organize the artisans and industrialists who will finalize the project.

Home staging

Nothing better to speed up a sale to anticipate the imagination of the potential buyer. Visualize the decorated space, touch it and live it gives free rein to the expectations and decisions about buying a home.

The Home Staging created by Valgreen is unique and ambitious, it goes beyond choosing and installing furniture, and focuses on the user experience stimulating your 5 senses.