Creativity is in the DNA of the team

We truly believe in the importance of design as added value of your investment project, whether it is a refurbishment or a new development.

Have a project in mind? Let’s build it together.

Turn-key Projects

Comprehensive remodel guaranteed


A complete service, a single interlocutor, a closed price and a single team that takes care of the process without the client having to worry. 

From the design, construction, and delivery of each project, the Valgreen Homes team includes all the creative and technical profiles needed, in-house, to design and execute each of the “turn-key” projects we create. In this way, we ensure quality control and time as well as cost optimization.

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Cotano de Diego

Decoration by Valgreen


Practicality, elegance and sophisticated aesthetics, with a preference for noble materials and selection of unique pieces and art. These are the core principles that give the character and recognizable style of the Valgreen decoration line, signed by the designer Cotano de Diego.

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New Construction

Create from scratch


We design, develop and execute comprehensive projects of new construction. We look for flexible, versatile and sustainable housing, and for this reason, the team puts all their creativity to make each unique home even if they belong to a group.

Home Staging

by Valgreen


There’s nothing better to expedite a sale than to anticipate the imagination of the potential buyer. Visualizing, touching it and living the decorated space gives free rein to the expectations and decisions about buying a home. 

The Home Staging created by Valgreen is unique and ambitious. It goes beyond only choosing and installing furniture but also focuses on the user’s experience based on stimulating your 5 senses.

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Once the project and its construction are finished, we are still available to our clients through the after-sales service in order to manage the guarantees as well as solve the needs and new requirements related to your property.

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Construlonian is the company in charge of materializing the projects that the creative department designs. It was born due to the need to work with a construction company that knows, certifies and ensures compliance with the high-quality standards demanded by our clients and projects.

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